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Need help recording your demos or Artist CD? 

You can hire professional live studio musicians and a producer
 that can put it all together for you within your budget.
We make sure your project gets the highest quality at the fairest price, with the personal care.
All of this can be done without coming to Nashville.
Listen to our demo samples. They sound good and feel good. 
They have modern arrangements and they are radio ready.

Questions are FREE and take little time SO CALL GARY AT 615-412-4246

Email or Call to find out more information on how to get your Nashville Songwriter Demo recorded


The first thing to do after writing a song is making a great demo recording. No matter what you've heard, demos must be extremely good, because your songs must compete with the best.

Contact GC Music for details on how to get your songs recorded without the need to visit the studio.

We use our experience to see that your songs are recorded in a very professional manner. When you record your songs with GC Music you can deal directly with Gary Carter (owner of GC Music).

Gary has worked as music director for country music artists such as Faith Hill and Randy Travis. He produces all the tracks. You can talk with Gary in advance of the session regarding the arrangements, styles, instrumentation and vocalist for your songs.

Listen to our samples of music produced here at GC Music, then give Gary a call.



A lot of studios produce songs that are not competitive with what is being played on radio today. If your songs sounds like it was recorded with production ideas from the 90's, it won't get past the first verse when played by a publisher or will get trashed in songwriter forums. The style of a demo recording is determined by what the industry calls for at the time.

The intro must have a good hook, less than 10 seconds long. Long solo's are a thing of the past in modern demos now. Publishers are not interested in a hot fiddle solo (you are recording a demo, not a master). They want to hear the lyrics, the hook, the chorus, and the bridge.

GC Music has the experience to take your song and turn it into a hit sounding demo. Just listen to some of the samples.


We are also now offering a new product for songwriters, poets and songwriter associations. A collection of pre-recorded Royalty-Free songwriter tracks for writing lyrics. Record your song at a fraction of the cost compared to recording a custom demo project.

Please visit GC Music Songwriter Tracks and listen to a sample.

If you are looking for information on how to record a professional songwriter demo to pitch to publishers, artists and producers, we can help. You will need to use professional musicians and singers.You will need a professional producer that can produce all styles of music.

If this is what you are looking for then GC Music can help you.

Gary's Studio is located 30 minutes from Nashville in his home. Gary will make sure your songs are given professional treatment and he has extensive musical experience.

We have a digital 32-track Pro Tools recording studio and use Nashville studio musicians, singers and engineers to give you a professional sound for your songs.


to Lawrence John for getting a cut by Ireland's #1 Country Artist, Mike Denver, for a song that was produced by GC Music, Titled "How We Got Country"


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