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My name is Gary Carter.

I am a Nashville musician and producer playing on the Grand Ole Opry each week, performing on the Marty Stuart TV Show each Saturday night, recording and producing music here in Nashville for songwriters and independent artists. It's my job to make sure your song, the one you've played countless times in your mind, comes to life.

I produce Pop, Country, and Gospel music for songwriters and artists all over the world. I've produced music for Faith Hill. Randy Travis, American Idol, toured with Kenny Chesney, Pam Tillis and produced music for several Indy artists in Nashville. I specialize in producing Nashville sounding songwriter Demos/Masters and artist cd's. I've mentioned my successes because I want you to know my entire life has been centered around music. It's my love and passion.

We only use top Nashville studio musicians and singers. These talented people are some of the musicians and singers you hear on country and pop radio everyday and now you can have the same team on your next project.

Looking for a NEW, Creative way to showcase your songs?

Present your music with a custom video on your website, YouTube, or Facebook

Music Video Services

These animated videos are specifically designed to your needs, using graphics and animated kinetic typography (text) to seamlessly play along with your music and lyrics.

Video Production- $225    Completed 2 to 3 weeks

If you suspect you’ll need changes in the future to your video, it’s suggested that you purchase a disk of the project files ($20) within 4 weeks while we have it available on our system.  All Files are deleted after 4 weeks.

Watch the video here!!

GC Music Video Services - watch video on YouTube


Don't have the time to travel to Nashville and hire someone to record your song demo? It's a simple process with amazing results.

First send your song to me. Second I will listen to your music then I will discuss the format with you. The style, singer, instrumentation and any other production ideas you might have. Third I'll begin on my end to bring your music to life.

When you record with us you get a track that sounds like a Nashville Master recording ready for radio play, pitching or to sell on iTunes. Learn how to do this without coming to Nashville. Most of our clients are out of state or out of the country.

Gary Carter

Professional Steel Guitar on your song!

Would you like to have Gary Carter perform a Nashville steel guitar part on your track? Gary also does steel guitar tracks for outside projects and will send you the file to import into your DAW.

Send in your song as a  wav or mp3 with your instructions and Gary will send you the steel guitar file within two days after payment is received.

Performances by other Nashville musicians can also be ordered for your project. Email Gary at gcmusic111@gmail.com for the rates.

Click the image below to read an interview with Gary Carter.

Gary Carter Interview


Here is how the process works for your next project.

First you send in your song. You can sing it a-capella or with an instrument. I'll be able to hear the chord changes and production style by ear. No need for a lead sheet.
After I listen to your song several times we will discuss the details before taking it into the studio with the players. With my years of experience I'm going to bring your songs up to industry standards, ready to pitch to publishers and artist.

I structure my recording sessions to where I give my musicians and I plenty of time to come up with original intro hooks and dynamics within the song that publishers and artist are wanting in today's music. Several demo services will wait until they get 15 or 20 song orders then hire a band, go in and track all the songs in one day. Guess what , all the songs sound alike. Same instruments, same singers on each song. This makes for a boring session.

To place an order just click on any one of the ORDER buttons on the site.

Once you click on the order button, simply fill in the total amount of the payment and enter your credit card info - or pay via PayPal (jonescreek@surfbest.net).

Several clients are taking advantage of PayPal's credit line. Add a credit line and pay for your session later. PayPal's Credit is the simple, flexible credit line built-in to your PayPal™ account. Apply now and get a decision in seconds. 


What Do We Offer?

My top of the line songwriter demo is $500.  After your song is mixed and mastered it is ready to be pitched or played on radio. You get Gary CarterDrums, Bass guitar, Two acoustic guitars, Two electric guitars, Steel Guitar, Dobro, Slide, Piano, B3 organ and String pads all played by hit making Nashville studio musicians. Additional instruments are available if needed for your song for an extra fee. We will communicate every step of the way, so call me or email me with any questions.

Do you only need a guitar vocal demo? My guitar vocal demo consists of a stereo acoustic guitar and a mono acoustic lead guitar playing the intro and fills along with a  lead vocalist. Click to listen to a clip

Do you write lyrics only? no melody, no music, Well, that's no problem. We can write original music to your lyrics in the style you are wanting. Just let us know how you want your song to sound. This is done as a work for hire. You will own 100% of the song and do not have to share it with anyone. This service is only $100 per song and is added to the total cost of the session.

If you have any question, email Gary at gcmusic111@gmail.com.

I offer custom CD projects to Independent Artists. I will coordinate the songs, musicians, singers, arrangements, record, mix, master, and deliver the product. Contact me at 615-412-4246 with any questions.

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