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How It Works

Five steps to getting your music professionally produced

You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to produce your music.  No headaches, no hassle!  Simply send in your song/lyrics and we’ll take care of the rest!  Several demo services will wait until they get 15 or 20 song orders then hire a band, go in and track all the songs in one day. Guess what , all the songs sound alike. Same instruments, same singers on each song. This makes for a boring session.  With GC Music we give you peace of mind by offering original music for every song.


Step One

Send In Your Song

You can sing it a-Capella or with an instrument. I'll be able to hear the chord changes and production style by ear. No need for a lead sheet.


Step Two

Discuss The Details

After I listen to your song several times we will discuss the details before taking it into the studio with the players. With my years of experience I'm going to bring your songs up to industry standards, ready to pitch to publishers and artist.


Step Three

Your Music Is Produced

I structure my recording sessions to where I give my musicians and I plenty of time to come up with original intro hooks and dynamics within the song that publishers and artist are wanting in today's music.


Step Four

Your Music Is Ready For Download

You will receive an e-mail containing a link to download your files. You own 100% of the music and are free to do with it whatever you like!


Step Five


Congratulations! You now own 100% of the music! You are free to share, sell, pitch it to record labels or do whatever else you want with it! It's all yours!

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