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Affordable Pricing Plans

Choose from one of our several affordable pricing plans.  Click “Order Now” to put in your order and customize it.  If you need more information, just give us a call at (615) 491-3130 or contact us via E-Mail.



Because of the increased volume that GC Music is doing; it is HIGHLY recommended that you consider having your songs backed up for later use. Every four weeks our hard drives are cleared to make room for more data. If you think you will need your session for later use; remixing, overdubs, lyric re-writes, etc., you will want to purchase the session file as your backup.  We no longer burn to CD or DVD.  Everything is transferred digitally via a file transfer site.

We are unable to save data for more than four weeks as the hard drives must be cleared for new session files.  GC Music is not responsible for deleted session files after four weeks of sending the demo to you.

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