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My name is Gary Carter. I am a Nashville producer and musician playing on the Grand Ole Opry each week, performing on the Marty Stuart TV Show each Saturday night, recording and producing music at GC Music Songwriter Demos, here in Nashville for songwriters and independent artists. It is my job to make sure your song, the one you’ve played countless times in your mind, comes to life.


I produce Pop, Country, and Gospel music for songwriters and artists all over the world. I’ve produced music for Faith Hill. Randy Travis, American Idol, toured with Kenny Chesney, Pam Tillis, and several Indie artists in Nashville. I specialize in producing Nashville sounding Songwriter Demos / Masters and artist CDs. I’ve mentioned my successes because I want you to know my entire life is centered around music. It is my love and passion.

What Do You Offer?

My top of the line songwriter demo is $525. After your song is mixed and mastered, it is ready to be pitched or played on the radio. You get Drums, Bass Guitar, Two acoustic guitars, Two electric guitars, Steel Guitar, Dobro, Slide, Piano, B3 Organ and String pads all played by hit-making Nashville studio musicians. Additional instruments are available if needed for your song for an extra fee. We will communicate with you every step of the way. Please call me or email me with any questions.

Guitar / Vocal Demo

Do you only need a guitar vocal demo? My guitar vocal demo consists of a stereo acoustic guitar and a mono acoustic lead guitar playing the intro and fills along with a lead vocalist.


New release “Daddy’s Hands”.
by Artists John Clark Blackwell & Susie McEntire
produced by GC Music Songwriter Demos


Can't make it to Nashville?

Don't have time to travel to Nashville and hire someone to record your demo song?  It's a simple process that will give you amazing results!

Do you write lyrics?

No melody? No music? That's no problem! We write original music to your lyrics.  Just let us know what style you want.


Talented musicians and singers.

We only use top Nashville studio musicians and singers.  They are some of the musicians and singers you hear on country and pop radio every day.


  • Songwriter

    Knowing that all of my demos are professional and precise - I can finally focus all of my energy on songwriting.
    Thanks Gary!

  • Songwriter

    Man, the added fiddle, the richer sound, the bridge and the sharpening of a couple lines and this song sounds like a mega-hit!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! I am ecstatic about this version!!! I will never use another studio other than yours ever!! I have used 6 studios over the years and your work is a huge notch about the rest!!!!! Thanks Gary!!!

  • Songwriter

    Dear Gary,

    As a songwriter I'm acutely aware of the benefits that a quality produced demo provides. I'm fortunate I was able to find someone with the expertise, knowledge and talent capable of producing recordings that get listened to. Your efforts resulted in a contract offer, and I'm encouraged that my song "ShoeStringing" which you just finished will be just as well received.

    Kind Regards,

    Terry Markham

  • Songwriter

    Good God man that's incredible!

    I love the R&B thing going on in the background.  You really nailed the way I heard this song.  And the vocals, Mike Lusk, (great singer) got it spot on - you kind of feel that he's holding back a little - that if you let go of the leash he'd soar, and that's great for a demo. The pedal steel, the dobro, the rhythm of the acoustic guitar tap dancing out the back beat, the waves of the B3. The kick-ass electric, the way the bass and drums melt together, man, you've really got the feel I was looking for.  Excellent job!

  • New American Singer Songwriter

    To date Gary Carter has produced or co-produced over 20 of my songs. I started with 2 songs, and I was extremely impressed with the results, not to mention his down home character and first class track record of being a former Music Director for Randy Travis and Faith Hill. We're currently working on 11 more songs, and I probably going to add 10 more beyond that for a total of over 40 songs, all different styles. As a result of working with Gary I've personally worked with some of the best and most respected musicians in Nashville. I've been invited back stage to the Grand Old Opry. Beyond all of the above, I'm grateful to consider Gary and his family to be in my circle of best friends. And that's the honest to God truth!

  • Songwriter

    I came to GC Music while shopping around Nashville for a demo studio, no other studio had the sound quality or professionalism of GC Music. I've recorded 11 songs with GC Music so far, and have been impressed by every one.

  • Songwriter

    I have had the pleasure of working with Gary as a producer and friend for almost two years now. We have done close to fifty songs ranging from traditional country to country rock, bluegrass, and gospel. As of October, 2005, these songs are being presented by Chris Keaton Productions, in nashville, and Red Steagall, in Fort Worth. both believe we will see several cuts in 2006. They unanimously agree that Gary's demos are "head and shoulders" among the best they have heard.

    Although you never know what the future hold, I can't thank Gary enough for his help and professionalism. I also want to recognize Darryl O'Donnell for his help with arrangements and melodies. Darryl is also a great singer and can make a "guitar only" demo stand tall. Geary also has many other quality vocalists, so we were able to match voices to songs. These include Christine Winslow, Mike Lusk, Daryle Singletary, and Artist M.

    The musicians Gary uses are also amazing talents. You will not be disappointed - I promise!



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