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Turn Your Song
Into A Masterpiece!

Top-Quality Songwriter Demos that Capture Your Style and Vision

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Check out our latest DEMO!

Life Comes At You fast / Jason Grove

Why You NEED GC Music

We understand that creating and recording music can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That's why we're here to help you navigate the obstacles and turn your vision into a reality. Our Nashville-based producer and top-tier studio musicians are ready to provide you with professional demos and production services tailored to your unique style and needs.

Demos that
Sound Like Hits

We'll help you create demos that capture the essence of your music and highlight your unique style.

Custom Song

If you don’t have a melody for your lyrics, we have a melody writer that will write a melody in the style you want for an additional fee.

Studio Quality

Elevate your music with the signature sound of Nashville's top session musicians.

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How It Works

At GC Music, producing your music is a breeze. In fact, it can be done in five easy steps! No headaches, no hassle. Simply send in your song or lyrics, and we'll take care of the rest.


Unlike other demo services, we never use the same old sound for every song. We offer original music for each track, crafted by our skilled team of musicians and producers.


This means your session won't be boring, and you'll have a unique sound that perfectly fits your vision.

Step 1

Submit Your Song

You can sing a-capella or with an instrument. No need for a lead sheet, I can hear the chord changes and production style by ear.


We Use Nashville Based Musicians

What Our Clients Say


"You really nailed the way I heard this song!"

"Good God man that's incredible! ​I love the R&B thing going on in the background.  You really nailed the way I heard this song.  And the vocals, Mike Lusk, (great singer) got it spot on - you kind of feel that he's holding back a little - that if you let go of the leash he'd soar, and that's great for a demo. The pedal steel, the dobro, the rhythm of the acoustic guitar tap dancing out the back beat, the waves of the B3. The kick-ass electric, the way the bass and drums melt together, man, you've really got the feel I was looking for.  Excellent job!"


Meet Gary Carter

Nashville’s Most Sought-After Producer and Musician

Gary Carter is a Nashville-based music producer and musician with a passion for helping songwriters and independent artists bring their music to life. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Gary has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Faith Hill, Randy Travis, and Kenny Chesney.


He is a highly sought-after producer and musician, specializing in producing Nashville-sounding songwriter demos and artist CDs in pop, country, and gospel genres. Gary's top-of-the-line demos are created using top Nashville studio musicians, ensuring that your song will have the best possible sound. Check out Gary's portfolio playlist to hear some of the amazing music he has produced.


Hear The Quality For Yourself

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The Artist Master Recording

This package includes a collection of professionally recorded and produced songs that showcase your unique sound and style. To receive pricing information, please call Gary directly at 615-491-3130 or fill out the form. 

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We only use top Nashville studio musicians and singers.  They are some of the musicians and singers you hear on country and pop radio every day.

Contact GC Music


Address 1326 Deal Rd. Burns, TN 37029
Phone: (615) 491-3130

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