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New CD Project.

We just finished mastering the western swing album "Texas Bound".

Artist and lead fiddle player Bret Raper has put together a list of musicians and singers featuring Rob Hajacos, Doug Jernigan, Gary Carter, Arron Till, Danny Parks, Jimmy Carter, Danny Sinoff plus some great country swing singers.

This is music for musicians and swing music lovers.

All tracks were produced by Gary Carter and Bret Raper, recorded in Nashville Tn.

The album will be released this summer.

If you love Western Swing, fiddles and steel guitar, you gotta check this out.

Working on Country rock/blues artist Ryan Pocan's new CD.

I'll be tracking vocals with Ryan at GC Music studio first week of May.

Ryan is a young laid back vocalist from California with a lot of emotion and vibe that draws you deep into his music.

Watch for Ryan's new music later this summer.

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